Aetna Insurance Company Details

Aetna is often a medical care organization that gives an excellent and wide range of goods, like health-related, tooth, and disability programs. Aetna is amongst the significant health care insurance companies in the united states whoever services are widely-used by companies, companies, employees, and individuals over 50 says. This prolonged-position company very first came into the arena in 1850, where a volcano in Sicily, Mt. Etna, was lively. It was initially established as Aetna Insurance Carrier, but grew to become Aetna, Inc. in 1996, pursuing the merger of Aetna Existence and Injury Company and US Health-related. Over the last decade, this company has managed medical care services of numerous organizations. It’s got then put more concentrate on its health care operations.

The company is made up of Medical, Party Insurance policy, and enormous Case Pensions. The Health Proper care division deals with a variety of health plans (medical, tooth, and local pharmacy benefits). A lot more than 15 trillion people are holders of Aetnas health-related program. There are more than 13 thousand dental care users. The local pharmacy rewards operations section has about 10 thousand members. The Group Insurance plan section, containing 15 million users, consists of disability and lengthy-phrase medical insurance products. The Large Situation Retirement living section contains several retirement living goods, although their company will not make an effort to market this segment.

Aetna has an considerable network of healthcare agencies, which include medical professionals and health care insurance providers. The consumers of these merchandise vary from organisations to individual consumers. Their company is also looking to boost the amount of its associates by advancing its merchandise offerings. They also have revenue personnel that offer medical items. Unbiased brokerages and experts also market Aetna insurance policy goods.

The maintenance systems are offered to employers, who, subsequently, found them to the staff. Nonetheless, the workers possess the opportunity to find the merchandise of these personal preference. So, the system could be that the business employers shell out the sum of monthly premiums of employees to Aetna. The premiums are taken off instantly in the wages with the employees. Alternatively, some Team Insurance items are distributed straight to employees. This scheme takes place when the employer doesn’t subsidize the payments because of these items. Actually, the covered employee can pay directly to the organization alone.

Aetna has its benefits and drawbacks, in spite of getting one of the leading health insurance companies in the us. It is like every other insurance company, as their schemes and services involve some flaws. Some individuals may well not get optimum benefits from their picked firm. For instance, most tend not to supply expectant mothers insurance, so women that are pregnant may have to try to find an additional insurance provider. Nonetheless, Aetna insures expenditures for issues that occur when pregnant. Aetna also insures infants inside very first calendar month.

Yet another acknowledged limitation in the policy available from Aetna is wear and tear cutoff. They don’t present insurance for those 65 years and up.

Cut-throat insurance policy expense and intensive protection, nonetheless, make up for the determined drawbacks.

Consumers, however, should consider certain things before buying an insurance plan. These aspects incorporate associated nursing homes and physicians, prescribed positive aspects, cost and premiums, and lifelong maximum coverage.

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  1. Jordan March 7, 2013 at 5:08 am

    i’ve insurance through my opportunity we’re switching from KAISER at 136.00,per check that is 272.00 monthly and were as the organization pays another half,AETNA now charges you 178.00 per check which arrives to 356.00 per monththis is your best option that we have i am asking Solutions assist in finding affordable medical health insurance for me personally and my partner i am 8 yrs more youthful i am turning 62,this this summer 29 and my partner is turning 70,this november she’s joint disease and myself just sciatica on / off somebody help with affordable medical health insurance thanks Gilley

  2. Keena March 12, 2013 at 9:56 am

    to date i have only run into ones which are about 300-600 dollars and that i need something just a little cheaper. im about five days in and want something soon. i am a teen and so i need so that it is in connecticut where you do not need parents consent. any help could be greatly appreciated.

  3. Shayne March 21, 2013 at 1:53 am

    I make 10.50 and hour working fulltime. Im so fed up with standing on condition insurance that i wish to have the ability to purchase my families insurance. You do too think getting insurance through my job with my level of salary makes it worth while? We’re a household of four and also the insurance carrier is aetna.

  4. Tod March 28, 2013 at 2:51 am

    I’m a DDD however it has drived me to massive low confidence sometimes Im so depressed about this. I’ve the most challenging time buying brazier. Sometimes nearly impossible. It causes me to possess this type of poor posture. I understand that insurance covers the price for reduction but for several reason. How do i encourage them to cover this surgery?

  5. Cleo March 29, 2013 at 4:10 am

    I am unsure this is actually an issue. And before people go proclaiming that the insurance coverage doesn’t pressure you to visit one pharmacy Let me tell you that within this situation you’re wrong. A minimum of with my insurance with “Niche medicines” because they give them a call.

    A bit more information. I’ve CF, which means Cystic Fibrosis therefore I must have particular medicines to battle infections within the lung area, they are within this situation breathed in anti-biotics. I’ve Anthem Blue Mix and Blue Shield. A PPO plan through my work. I purchase that one. I additionally have state medicaid programs star plus, which within this situation is a third party contracted through the government through U . s . Healthcare. I’m able to fill the majority of my medications wherever I would like. However, if it involves the vital important breathing medication I -HAVE- to make use of CuraScript. It is part of a policy requirement which company doesn’t have an agreement with U . s . Healthcare, therefore it helps make the secondary insurance useless. I have enough money the medication inside a pinch through Anthem and CuraScript. I simply find this rather questionable. Forcing the folks in need of assistance of the most basic medicines to visit their very own contracted pharmacy. I could file an appeal and obtain the medication filled in a regular pharmacy once, however they only allow that certain time annually. Personally, i didn’t have this issue with Aetna or even the regular BCBS of Texas my work had as insurance policy previously.

    I am unsure things i am asking apart from performs this not appear a little undecided so far as legal practices go? I’m having to pay them for coverage granted only since it is the main one my work made the decision to choose like a company for the moment. However I can’t imagine I’m the only person who finds this a little imposing. It is just for which they deem as “Tier 3” drugs that has to undergo their niche network pharmacy with no others. They’ll deny the claim should you go elsewhere.

    I have seen some questions previously that addressed such like however they did not quite suit you perfectly of the items I’m coping with. For now I’ll cope with what I must do until we hopefully select a different insurance provider however i will personally never recommend Anthem ever seeing all of the trouble they’ve put me through. Getting that appeal was rather tricky to start with and also the realization they never explained it had been great for just once until I known as and someone explained. The appeal approval letter did not mention a factor about this only following your rules for just one prescription fill in a regular pharmacy.

  6. Jaime June 8, 2013 at 8:03 pm

    As we are married and that he adds me to his coverage, how lengthy does it take before my coverage becomes effective (I can turn to the physician)? I have didn’t have medical health insurance before and also the person he spoken to at the office yesterday did not know. He’s Aetna but I am unsure from the particulars.

    He did, it clearly states so within the particulars following the question. Nobody at the office or at Aetna will give him an upright answer this is exactly why I requested here. Hopefully another person has been doing this and knows. Thank you for responding to just like a jerk.

    Thanks Smiling, that is things i was searching for! 🙂

  7. Johnny June 11, 2013 at 2:12 am

    Here goes.

    1. Should you have had x-sun rays taken a couple of years back, however return to the same location, do they provide you with another x-ray, or would they just consider the one from before?

    2. Does anybody presently have insurance Along with a dental discount plan, like Aetna? Should you choose, may be the discount plan worthwhile, and therefore are you capable of getting a reduced cost for those who have insurance, too?

    3. Adult braces. My teeth are crowded at the base, we are speaking a rotated tooth and very little room. My top teeth aren’t bad, apart from one tooth that’s pressed just a little away from another 2 (similar to Jewel). I have heard a great deal concerning the 180 day energy braces, in addition to Damon brackets, but has anybody really had them? Should you did, about how exactly much made it happen cost and just how lengthy made it happen take?

    Because of anybody that will help!

  8. Retta June 11, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    I must determine if aetna better health (which belongs to Husky A condition insurance) covers weight reductionOrstomach bypass sugery for me personally. Some detail about me…I have been overwight in excess of five years, I have been attempting to exercise, diet, etc and that i just continue attaining weight each signs and symptoms of my putting on weight are spinal pains, i cant sleep due to my back and i’ve got a difficult time breathing while doing items like rising lots of stairs. how old irrrve become weight and height are 20yrs old 5’3 230 pounds and my body mass index is 40.7. I acquired about 50 pounds from 2007 till now due to pregnancy and etc…idk if the info helps…and that i would like to understand if the surgical treatment is harmful…Thanks

  9. Werner July 27, 2013 at 9:55 pm

    HMO, PPO or whatever… I have to know as soon as possible.

    The job insurance coverage is horrible!

  10. Evan August 1, 2013 at 11:24 am

    i’m considering obtaining a plan having a high deductible in my family ($5000-10000) along with a health checking account. does anybody know the salt water evaporates? I understan our prime deductible insrance although not truly the health savings part. what goes on if you do not make use of the money? I’ve got a husband and a pair of children. right we now have aetna also it costs us $765 per month, what must i do?

  11. Hollis August 5, 2013 at 9:29 pm

    a neuro or cardiac surgeon …………

    the other kind of doctors get compensated probably the most

  12. Johnnie August 28, 2013 at 4:27 am

    Essentially, I’d Aetna insurance for that this past year. Recently, someone inside my company transformed something clerically to state that my insurance ended Setember 1, 2008. My doctors have become notices from Aetna to repay the cash these were compensated in claims since that time. The doctors are actually visiting me to reimburse them. It is a longer story that I have referred to at length here:

    http://world wide

    Thank you for any assist you to can offer. This can be a rough situation and that i can use good quality advice.

    Fraud? Are you currently kidding me? I had been to date from the loop, I wasn’t even told basically was still being an worker or otherwise. I have been waiting to ascertain if I’d obtain a letter saying when my insurance would terminate, and so i could subscribe to Cobra.

  13. Lora September 16, 2013 at 12:58 pm

    My insurance oddly was switched to Aetna this season, none in our companies told us! I received my temp card. Recently I havnt been feeling too well therefore we increased of looking after Now. I have no idea if the was the ideal choice, I visited for really bad intestinal cramps and that i gave them the particulars. Strange factor is, they did xrays and bloodstream work! I requested in the event that was included in my insurance, plus they stated yes unless of course I’ve met a mt allowable. The whole factor require me to pay $521! =O Costly since it was region- I understand. I checked my Aetna account, also it states my Employer Contribution this season is $325 and my maximun fund permitted is 2,750.

    I’m a new comer to the entire getting insurance factor. Performs this mean I’ll owe some company $200? (either Aetna or Care Now) I am not sure exactly what the ‘met your deductable’ factor means =(

    I dont think I’ll visit Care now again….must have designed a regular appointment with my doctor.

  14. Heath October 8, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    I’m not old enough to receive medicare. We would have to pay for health insurance for me if he did. Does anyone know of a way that we can get affordable health insurance just for me, so he can retire now? Would I be able to get medicaid or family health plus ? Our income would be enough to live on but, not for the over $600.00 a month that most insurance companies want.

  15. Man October 8, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    My hubby is five years over the age of me and intends to retire this year. Sometimes part-time only and so i carry no medical health insurance of my very own. I depended on my small husband’s medical health insurance. However, my hubby is likely to retire in 6 several weeks approximately although he’ll get a pension from his company as he does (although I’m not sure if the organization is constantly start working to the healthcare or otherwise once he retires or otherwise). My hubby is 66 and I am 61. So, when i comprehend it, my hubby could had opted on Medicare insurance or he could decide to continue having to pay for the Aetna insurance through his company . But my hubby can’t discover the particulars about his company’s health care options until he submits his three month notice and the selection of a type of pension. The two of us are essentially healthy with the exception that I actually do come with an ongoing knee problem from an injuries sometime ago which has needed surgery previously and is constantly on the cause me discomfort–I would need surgery again.

    So my real question is this: In times like ours, in which the primary breadwinner/insurance company is five years older and also the wife up to now continues to be depending on her behalf older husband’s insurance, could it be usually smarter for that husband to carry on together with his company’s insurance policy (Aetna in PA), or perhaps is it less pricey for that husband to change to Medicare insurance but for the wife to locate a health insurance plan of her very own?

    Flower, Thanks. I possibly could be wrong. however , I do not believe that my hubby would need to pay more for Medicare insurance simply because he made a decision to try to age 67 instead of retire at 65. In the end, he’s having to pay for any PRIVATE insurance policy as long as he’s employed, which saves the gov’t money, plus he’s generating more earnings than he’d like a retired person–also it would really be Taxed. And when From the properly people aren’t even titled to Medicare insurance coverage until they leave their jobs. Therefore it wouldn’t serve the united states gov’t well to lessen benefits for individuals who still work beyond the age 65 because then nobody would bother to get it done, and also the condition would lose revenues consequently.

    Thanks, Lucy, for that referral towards the AARP website, however the questioner for the reason that situation stated that her mother did not subscribe to Medicare insurance “when she was designed to.Inch The AARP answerer gave reliable information about penalties but he apparently assumed the questioner’s mother didn’t have coverage from the full-time job he must have made obvious that everything is different whenever a person continues to have full-time employment.

  16. Lance October 18, 2013 at 10:03 am

    Hi. I’m full-time student who would go to major college at Chicago (DEPAUL). Must I get Aetna IL Preventitive and Hospitalization arrange for $48 monthly ($1250 deductible, gold coin 20%, gold coin max $2500) or IL 5000 ($5000 deductible, but has copays for doctors and specialist before deductible for $49 monthly, same gold coin and gold coin max). Or must i get BCBSIL for $43 per m ($2500 deductible, 20%, only $1000 out-of packet max).

    I’m without any medical health insurance- I have only health plan supplied by my school ($80 per quarter) that covers the trip to internal medicine physician. My parents do not have insurance. I’m presently 19 and work part-time (little harmful job when i work on stockroom with heavy lifts sometimes). My school provides medical health insurance from Aetna, but it is too costly evaluating its premium and advantages to individual plans based my home, not where I am going to college, and My home is and surrounding suburbs where rates tend to be cheaper. I curently have from Aetna supplied by my school

    cheap vision dental discount plan (vital savings by aetna) for just $29 each year. I like this. I’m also able to have prespription for just $25 each year, however i really do not need this.

    Oh and my school, health plan does not cover specialist only internal medicine, one clinic that has agreement with my school.

    I do not go much to physician, expect which i would go sometimes to create my complete physical and finally visit mental physician. I’ve sometimes head aches and frequently I’m anxious. However I have a’s and b’s in school and do proficient at job.

    However the way exactly what do u learn about State medicaid programs. Could it be worth. I’d this until I switched 19, but when I visited private clinic, Alexian Siblings which doesn’t accept it. And That I often hear it’s very limited. But anyway could I apply for this by myself, or would I must apply with my loved ones (salaries, bills, etc).?

  17. Fidel October 19, 2013 at 7:49 am

    okay, i delivered my second child on this summer tenth. our insurance provider that is aetna is declining to pay for. the funny factor is, they stopped having to pay in june while using term “exhaustion of advantagesInch. my sons doctors office wont even see him because aetna is declining to pay for. is anybody acquainted with this?

    yes, my hubby adding him at the time he was created. im going to try and use the internet at our policy. there’s no limit indexed by our papers. i approached aetna after i discovered i had been pregnant simply to make certain our benefits were adequate and in those days these were. for this reason i’m wrongly identified as this. human assets through my hubby job is while dealing with the foot of this. i am not really worried about myself but the truth that my 2 1/60 day old boy has been declined care and im scared on if the emergency would happen in my daughter and/or my hubby. as well as, what is coinsurance?

  18. Shan October 19, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    I’m fighting Aetna PPO to pay for a diabetic DME (Continuous Glucose Monitor). I’ve adopted everythingOrcoverage Aetna has requested of me to accomplish this appeal process. I’m ANGRY that whenever I request something of these, they don’t even acknowledge my request! Within my last appeal letter I particularly requested 4 things from their store when they refused my appeal again:

    1. Study references they accustomed to deny my appeal (URL format)

    2. Full entries of monetary along with other associations which any insurance providers along with other payers (for example Medicare insurance/State medicaid programs, Military “Tricare”, Veterans administration, etc.) have using their study authors.

    3. Medical license amounts of the decision maker(s).

    4. A suitable legal contact’s address.

    Just how much would I must pay what type of lawyer that helped me to fight this?

    Interesting help


  19. Lela October 19, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    We were involved with a vehicle accident a week ago and brought towards the hospital within an ambulance. Someone went an end sign (we did not get one) striking the driver’s side in our vehicle. The accident happened in SC (an at-fault condition), therefore the other insurance provider is 100% liable.

    My insurance policy which i have through my employer needs a $100 deductible for every emergency care. What is the way will be able to submit the hospital bills to my Aetna (employer) plan and employ the cash from whatever settlement amount the at-fault party’s vehicle insurance provider provides, or

    1) will the vehicle insurance provider directly pay a healthcare facility,


    2) shall we be held explaining insurance fraud? Would like to stay legal! haha

  20. Eveline October 20, 2013 at 7:52 am

    I’ve been sent an invoice in my boy as he was created. He wasn’t immediately placed on his primary insurance that is Aetna during the time of his birth. It had been in regards to a month next he was placed on plus they declined to for that longest. Description of how the refuse to cover his stay in hospital as he was created! My boy was created having a rare eye condition (MGS) and that he was placed on State medicaid programs because Aetna wont purchase alot of the things that he needs. I’m wondering if State medicaid programs would purchase his stay in hospital while he first got it as he was 3 several weeks. I know they propably wont however i actually need help. His hospital bill went on my small credit history and im really getting a difficult time

  21. Candida October 20, 2013 at 10:23 am

    I’m a youthful pre-everything transman even though I’m still on my small parents’ medical health insurance, I am unsure if the organization would pay for it,possibly entirely or simply.

    How do i evaluate which the organization (Blue Mix) might or may not cover without being released to my parents at this time?

    If Blue Mix does not pay for it, what are the which do?

    No, that isn’t me. That’s Canadian comic Kevin McDonald, of youngsters within the Hall (and much more lately Lilo and Stitch) fame.

    I am not searching for it to pay for SRS, just testosterone and also the connected doctors visits.

  22. Morgan October 21, 2013 at 12:36 am

    My medical care coverage requires no prior approval to complete anything.

    I have been likely to physical rehabilitation during the last couple of several weeks to deal with my shoulders and neck. The pt office was relayed through my insurance provider will be able to do 30 visits per twelve months. Though I have browse the insurance paperwork from finish to finish and also the only pt mention signifies a cap of $100000 each year but nothing about visits.

    Anyhow my 30th visit is that this week and so i were built with a follow-up with my physician to notice the progress. He stated I enhanced greatly however wants be to begin pt for thoracic, lumbar spine and sides. He authored a brand new script and diagnosis for your.

    Now you ask , will the insurance provider allow another 30 visits for that new diagnosis?

    May be the 30 visit cap really occur stone as it is pointed out no whereby my detailed coverage pamphlet?

  23. Maryetta October 21, 2013 at 5:08 am

    Hello, I’m a single adult without any children, regrettably I’m still unable to afford medical health insurance, I have come across state medicaid programs or medicare insurance, but I’m not sure how you can apply for this. I want mental help, I suffer In my opinion from depression, but am not really a physician and so i might be wrong, but nonetheless I want help. I’m only 25 yrs. old, therefore if anybody includes a suggestion or knows things i must do please tell me. Basically have remaining out important particulars, message me and request what you are able have to know to hopefully have the ability to answer. I’m serious and don’t need non serious solutions, however thank everyone who’ve assisted previously and then achieve this.

  24. Kip October 22, 2013 at 1:05 pm

    This is a large complication for any couple of several weeks, but in October of 2008, I’d an actual exam and my provider charged, things i assumed at that time, my primary insurance provider (Horizon NJ Health). However, 2 yrs later, Horizon required back that cash and my provider continues to be billing me for your physical in 2008. I known as Horizon and apparently they required your money back since i had another medical health insurance, and Horizon was no more my primary. I never been aware of my other health insurance provider, Aetna student healthcare, given that they never provided any information or membership particulars, and that i was instantly enrolled for this after i joined my college. After I approached Aetna, they explained they were not the main insurance provider simply because they were just student healthcare. After several telephone calls backwards and forwards between Aetna and Horizon… I STILL haven’t determined who my primary insurance provider is given that they both tell you they are the secondary insurance (plus they appear to possess endless explanations why another is primary). I approached my provider and requested them who they’ve listed as my primary, plus they appear to become unaware about this too (after i spoke towards the receptionist and requested, they kinda transformed the subject). Can you really have two secondary insurance? Otherwise, who ought to be my primary insurance? If Horizon is my primary, does not which means that they should not took the cash back for that physical exam?

    Didn’t remember to say, I have had Horizon NJ health since i have what food was in least 6 years of age. And so far as I understand they’re state medicaid programs.

  25. Christen October 30, 2013 at 9:49 am

    I’ve paperwork note for those my absences, and that i was ended due to it. I consulted Aetna insurance to possess job protection also it was filed consider kaiser were built with a system delay it required them 20 days to obtain the papers back promptly to my employer, I known as my employer to provide me that 20 days extension plus they stated that just seven days however i described for them that kaiser were built with a delay on claim paperwork and thy had given us a letter validating their delay, and that i still got fire, is the fact that ok?

  26. Shasta November 11, 2013 at 10:07 am

    Searches online for each one are approaching dry. What’s the deal?

  27. Nickolas December 15, 2013 at 1:57 am

    Within the latest NEWSWEEK Poll, nearly all People in america are in opposition to Leader Obama’s health-care reform plan—until they discover the particulars.

    When requested about Obama’s plan (without having to be given any particulars by what the legislation includes), 49 percent opposed it and 40 % were for. But after hearing key options that come with the legislation referred to, 48 percent supported the program and 43 percent continued to be opposed.

    http://world wide

  28. Jeanna December 18, 2013 at 11:22 am

    Where would the united states be today without free labor in the hands-selected cotton days? Would we be as technologically advanced? Would civil privileges legislation have been considered?

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