Brexit, US election, financial crisis: ”Political decisions brisk up the gold price”

Harald Seiz and Karatbars International

Recent headlines have been flooded by political uncertainty. From the unprecedented Brexit vote to the surprising result of the US presidential election, major political decisions have caused markets to become unstable. In response to this volatility, more and more people are beginning to refocus their investments on to precious metals. This major transition has seen the value of gold rise significantly in the recent months. Overall, this points to a growing movement from more traditional forms of investment to newer, alternative solutions. Gold, with its high worth and proven reliability, is quickly becoming the best choice for investors who want to remain protected from the constant fluctuations of the markets caused by political decisions.


Karatbars International is a leading provider of small gold-bars and other bullion items. The company offers dedicated customer service that works with clients to ensure all of their questions and needs are dealt with professionally and timely. They understand that a business’ reputation relies heavily on the aptitude of their employees. This is why every member of the Karatbars International team has years of experience and expertise in the area of investing in precious metals. The company’s mission is to offer quality products at affordable prices so that everyone can have an opportunity to invest in gold-related items. Their products offer individuals a great resource for making investments that are protected against the uncertainty of the markets.

Harald Seiz and Karatbars International. “Our Motivation is to Improve Life’s with Sound Investments!”

Having worked in the financial industry for over three decades, Harald Seiz understands how the markets are influenced by political decisions. Regarding all recent events, this reality rings more true today than it ever has in the past. Seiz envisions a world in which everyone has the opportunity to gain solid financial protection from the unpredictable markets and failing economies. According to Seiz, gold offers the best sort of financial support as it remains valuable despite the ever-changing markets. In fact, Harald Seiz founded Karatbars International to help offer everyone the opportunity to invest in this precious metal. As the CEO, he is interested in spreading his company’s influence on a global scale. Harald Seiz is happiest when he sees an individual’s life improve from a sound investment in one of his company’s products. Seiz encourages people to shift focus from what they don’t have, to what they want in the future. This, he explains, helps to reveal a path to accomplish those goals.

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