Money Matters: 5 Tips for Smarter Saving

It doesn’t matter how much money you make; everyone is at risk of spending
their money poorly. If you want to sit comfortably with your finances, however,
saving is the key.

According to CNBC, approximately one-quarter of Americans have more debt
than savings, yet even more people still owe money to creditors. If you’re one
of these people, then consider these five tips toward smarter saving.

1. Create a Budget

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No matter where you go for your money-saving tips, you’ve likely seen this
tip before, and that’s because creating a budget is crucial toward saving
money. Look at how much your most important bills
cost; factor these into your budget first. Next, consider where else you spend
money, including how much of each paycheck you want to set aside for savings.
If your spending amount exceed the amount of money you make, look for ways to
cut back. Once you’ve evaluated your financial situation, create a realistic
budget that works with your income and your spending habits.

2. Set Up an Emergency Fund

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After a budget, setting up an emergency fund is perhaps the most important
part of saving money. If you don’t already have a savings account, open an
account that is specific for emergencies. When actually saving money, there are
several techniques that you can use, including the following methods:

  • Decide on a specific amount of money that could get you
    through several months without an income. Continue to put money into the
    account until you’ve reached this set amount.
  • Choose a percentage of each paycheck that you’ll put
    into savings. A good rule of thumb is to set aside 10 percent of each pay
    check. This technique is a great way to continuously expand your savings
    while you can still afford the rest of life’s costs.
  • Set aside a specific amount of each paycheck. This
    method is perhaps the best for helping you budget the same each month.

3. Consider Where
to Cut Costs

Another important aspect of saving is to avoid spending where you can. When
you actually look at what you spend, the totals might surprise you. For
example, CBSNews reports that people who drink coffee
regularly spend an average of $65 per month or $780 per year just on their
morning coffee. By cutting out small costs like this, you can save a lot of
cash. That $780 per year could easily go toward car repairs, rent, or other
important bills.

4. Skip the Sales

It’s sounds counterintuitive, but skipping the sales can actually help you
save money. This is because sales encourage you to purchase items that you
don’t need, ultimately making you spend money on something you won’t ever use.
Unless you actually need the item, don’t impulse buy
just because you can “save some money.” Spending money is
counterproductive toward saving.

5. Invest

While investing is often risky, it’s a great way to help you save while
increase the amount of your savings. Check out Fisher Investments News for
more information on investing.

These are all excellent tips that can help you save cash, so start
evaluating your spending habits and looking for ways to save.

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  1. Rodney May 26, 2013 at 11:49 pm

    I have labored for around three days now and am “in to the flow” of products. My shyness, uncomfortable being touched, etc. have left.

    However – I have had lots of trouble earning money, especially after tip out. I am not in bad shape and I am a good dancer (not the the best around the pole however i makes it work), and I’ve got a bubbly personality.

    After I offer dances (regardless of how I do it, sometimes they’ll even buy us a drink after which avoid a dance) they are saying “no” or “later” or they “avoid that” (after which later I’ll discover their whereabouts obtaining a dance from the different girl)

    How do i earn more money?

    For individuals individuals who’re only likely to leave hate comments about my insufficient morals, etc. Sometimes three jobs which is my 4th. I accept my parents, hide it from their store, which is to cover my large brother’s drug therapy so he does not become a drug addict again. I’ve my reasons and merely need assistance knowing steps to make a bit more rather than departing with simply 18 or 5 dollars. 🙁

    To include on:

    I’m not a slut, thanks. After I walk inside (since many ballroom dancers will explain) I’m not me, I am a different person. And I understand how to save cash – what I am attempting to do is make more.

    I do not smoke, I do not live by myself, I do not buy my very own food.

    I actually do volunteer, I actually do work on a supermarket, I actually do waitress, I actually do visit school, I actually do ref for campus rec, I actually do purchase my very own books and classes, I actually do purchase my large siblings therapy, I actually do pay my very own phone bill, I actually do pay my very own vehicle, I actually do pay my very own insurance.

    Do not play down me like a person, I already hate myself enough for carrying this out. But I am desperate.

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  6. Henry August 2, 2013 at 5:12 pm

    I’m saving my money to purchase the iPad2 but had some questions.

    I curently have an apple iphone, your personal computer laptop, as well as an amazon . com kindle. I’m wondering if it’s still worthwhile to buy the iPad. Personally, i think that it’s still worthwhile and so i it’s still saving but am still wondering why or why don’t you its worthwhile.

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  7. Henry September 22, 2013 at 7:31 am

    In senior high school I did not work very difficult.

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    Even though in writing I have done poorly, I understand that I am a wise person. You will find couple of a few things i love a lot more than reading through a bestseller, also it eventually ends up.. I really like challenging myself.

    In my opinion I have created a couple of improper habits with time and may get distracted… however i determine if I prioritize time better I could be a great student, and hopefully break individuals improper habits.

    So, now you be aware of background I’ve two questions:

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    2. What is the way I’m able to enter into a condition college using what I have got? I’d in regards to a 2.5 gpa in hs. Basically go ahead and take ACT and obtain an excellent score have i got an improved chance? (I did not absorb it hs since i did not want to handle the sense of failure that will inevitably follow obtaining the results.)

    Thanks a lot for searching only at that! Tell me any tales, links, or advice you’ve!

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