Warrior Trading Review

I’ve been trading for two years and a member of Warrior Trading for the past three months and I can officially say I have turned the corner to becoming profitable. My first two years of trading I blew up my account. Twice.  At the time, I made the rounds in other chat rooms blindly following the trade alerts only to lose time after time while the room leader constantly posted profits.

Ross Cameron, the leader, has an uncanny ability for teaching that is extremely understandable. Not only is he able to educate you but he does it in real time, clearly explaining his way through each and every trade. Unlike many of the other chat rooms which alert trades randomly with no basis for entry, Ross shares his screen and is live on the microphone each day.

Warrior Trading uses a live chat room where he displays his trading screen for all to see what exactly he is watching. With that, all critical levels on those stocks are clearly marked out with trend lines which are annotated accordingly. Ross chooses to take advantage of a live microphone where he will talk through a trade in real time notifying you of entry, add spots, resistance points and sell targets all which correlate to his clearly annotated charts. Until you actually sit through a morning of this unique live trading/talking structure, you do not realize the benefit in its entirety. It is extremely helpful and unheard of in the realm of live trading chat rooms.

Ross Cameron has developed a signature momentum trading strategy known as “Gap and Go” where he finds “low float” stocks with a catalyst that have potential for a huge intraday move with plenty of liquidity. Each morning in the pre market, Ross filters through his custom scanners to find the most extreme movers narrowing down his selection to 2-3 stocks using a proprietary grading system to identify which ones are poised for a rapid move at the market open. This process is extremely beneficial as it can be quite difficult to locate the right stocks to trade, especially as a relatively new trader.

Warrior Trading offers several choices for education that applies to any level of trading.  I purchased the intensive day trading course as well as subscribed to the chat room a little over 3 months ago. I started with $50,000 and was able to steadily increase my account by 30% my 1st month thanks to Ross Cameron’s training and strict risk management. If you are a new trader starting with a small account I would very highly recommend learning how to trade the long sided, microcap breakout patterns that Ross Cameron teaches to consistently lock in profits.

In addition to Ross’ alerts, the other professional trader moderators offer an invaluable amount of well founded trade ideas and market commentary. The breaking news headlines are often posted well before the majority of other news feeds which gives us traders an opportunity to act on it prior to it becoming fully circulated in the marketplace. Mike, the news trader, has an exceptional ability to decipher the news and decide which side of the trade has the largest potential move. His thoughts are shared up to the minute and captures multi point winners consistently on the news trades. Jeff runs the swing trade service for those who are unable to be present in the room actively day trading while Corey trades reversals and various option strategies where he realizes doubles and triples day in, day out.

If you are looking for an investment community that will assist in navigating the markets you have found it. A professional, courteous attitude and a willingness to help with any situation is what makes Warrior Trading an invaluable tool. I encourage you to check it out, or email them directly as they will respond promptly to address any outstanding questions.

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